Grow Fellowship Program TnCs

This is a digital version of Startup Incubation Agreement between You and Muellners Foundation.
This is the Foundation's Incubation Program known as Grow Program. Each year, Foundation selects different startup projects. Foundation's community supports these startup projects, incubate them and help these social sustainable projects and social entrepreneurs grow and thrive in Foundation's global ecosystem.
Foundation does not take any equity in return of providing incubation to for profit startups. Foundation requires Founders to pledge their technology into open source.

"No Equity Only Pledge to Open Source" Grow Program

The most important pledge that the Founders make before they join the Muellners Foundation's Grow program is that they pledge all the Intellectual Property generated during the incubation program, into open source.
Eligibility of a Startup:
a. A company with an operational, revenue making use case of financial services, agritech, greentech, neurological sciences, gaming & the likes of innovating, advanced technology based companies.
b. A company working on a research and development, or an open source product. The company may be an early stage startup with no revenues.
c. If the company is a startup(registered within the last 5 years), it must be seed funded or bootstrapped with a minimum startup capital of above 50,000.00 EUR.