This page details the objectives of the members of this Open Constitution.
I. Open source advanced intelligence
To create, foster and maintain a public, open source, research and engineering cooperative, in the form of support, creation, and life cycle of open source intelligence within the conventions of (including but not limited to) " Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical(STEM) frameworks"
To maintain a public, open-source intelligence from processing and analyzing public information on public interest policies, and legislations.
To create, foster and maintain a public discourse on the Open Constitution's guiding principles.
II Sustainable finance, assets and capital co-operative
To build financial, research and technology capital and maintain resource assistance to support initiatives, including but not limited to
social inclusion initiatives, financial inclusion initiatives, planet earth biodiversity initiatives, space research and development, informatics, human cognition research and development, quantum, nuclear and bio-reactors research and development, robotics research and development
III Self-governance-based public trust
To constitute and hold a community-owned, self-governed, Public Trust, aided with artificial intelligence governance, and whose repositories are maintained on an open-source public ledger, and whose control is solely vested in the self-governance of the Articles of Association of this Open Constitution.
IV Public Interest and public policy advisory
  • To publish public advisory, Observation reports & findings and likes of such, on material of public interest with the secondary objective of extrapolating public policy reforms to and within the organizations and institutions such as (including but not limited to);
‘’Self-governing institutions with a mode of public operating control, Financial Supervisory agencies, Inter-governmental agencies, Social and Development organizations, international multilateral development financial institutions, Financial Crimes Agencies, Anti Money Laundering Agencies, Electronic Governance and Electronic Identity institutions, Data Protection Agencies’’
  • To publish open-source best practices and standards for digital public goods and services, including but not limited to banking, financial, insurance, and e-governance services, with the proclamation of observing public trust in publicly auditable social, civil or economic jurisdictional stakeholders.
V International Legal and human rights instruments
  • To promote, and advocate harmonizing international social, economic and cultural affairs in order to support the global development of human rights on planet Earth, with the proclamation of observing public trust in publicly auditable social, civil or economic jurisdictional stakeholders.
Custodian: Executive Council