This page explains the different citizenship status of members of the global co-operative of Open Constitution network.
Before we begin, readers shall know that there are following types of registry, where Open Constitution's census is registered or de registered. 1. Subscription registry
2. Global registry
3. Local registry
4. Beneficiary/Principle registry
5. Open Constitution Governance registry
Note: Registries are a type of ledger system, where Open Constitution fiscal hosts maintains its records. Registrar is the official body of the Open Constitution, which maintains these Registry.
Citizenship is self regulated within the means and provisions of:
a. Fiscal Host's compliance levels with this Open Constitution,
b. Fiscal Host's compliance levels with local business laws.
Read more about Fiscal Hosts.
The first Fiscal Host was incorporated as Muellners "frivillig forening" Foundation, a voluntary association, in accordance with the Danish Business Authority in 2019.
Networked legal bodies have thereafter, self constituted across the planet, in the form of Fiscal Hosts.
An illustration of citizenship type, membership status, & type of registries.

All ordinary or subscribed members can join Foundation's constitutional bodies through the Open Constitution's electoral process.

Read Electoral Charterfor more information on which membership type is eligible for an electoral process.

Custodian: Open Council