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Open Ballot

This page explains the universal franchise doctrine of the Open Constitution network community.
Open Ballot is the voting system embodied in our community's governance constitution.
"Each member has a say in each of the Foundation's acts."
The way the members get to have their say is entirely vested in our universal suffrage with the exception that the members are distributed in project governing committees.
a. Open Constitution Governance System is a technical management system that brings characteristics of decentralised autonomy to the network community.
b. Open Ballot is the voting system, adopted in the Open Constitution Network. Note: Open Ballot is presently maintained with community proposals and Council resolutions on the Open Decision forums of the Foundation. All Vote-based decisions must be logged on the Foundation's public ledger. Members are also building consensus in the community for the open ballot in the Open Convention. Specific types of votes are generally moderated by either the Election Council or Executive or Steering Council members on whether the captured decisions have achieved a qualifying quorum, as per this Open Constitution.
All members of the Foundation, including individual members affiliated with the Open Constitution Network Tenancy Program can participate in the Open ballot, freely, voluntarily and in confidence.
  1. 1.
    Each community member has a single registered vote to decide on an issue, listed on the Open Ballot (read electoral system) of the Foundation.
  2. 2.
    Quorum on a vote is always achieved when at least half of the members, organised according to the Ballot distributions below, participate in the vote.
How do we manage the Vote using a digital token?
Each vote is assigned a unique yet indivisible token on an Internet-based public ledger.
Token distribution and supply are variable and directly linked to votes. Votes are currently pegged at the Global Population of the planet Earth, (excluding human population below the age of 18).
Tokens are used for a member to participate and access Open Ballot.
The token holders are uniquely identified with a decentralised identity management system of the Foundation.
All unclaimed token supply rests on the public network until it is claimed in the future when the token owner gets naturalised as a citizen of the Foundation.
The value of the token is associated with the Foundation's Total Impact Fund's value.
Network Status: For the current status of the Network's Open Ballot proceedings, please join the open-source community of project Open Constitution.
(Internal docs on Impact Fund to be released soon)

Distribution Matrix for Open Ballot:

Open Treasury
Open Tribunal
Open Council
Voting participants are each project's Steering Committee members and affiliated CWC members.
Voting participants are all the Open Council committee members and its CWCs. Provisions are being made to extend the Treasury ballot to all members of the Foundation through digital authentication system.
Voting participants are each Project CWC member or each Independent CWC member.
Arbitration proceedings between two or more Network E-Tenants and between two or more disputing members. Voting participants are Legal, Observation, Advisory and Ethics Committee members.
Council proceedings on the induction of members to different Councils, and induction of affiliate organisations and case studies in the Open Constitution Network Tenancy Program.
Voting participants are all Open Council members.
Each ballot has its unique protocol for counting votes and to call the electoral process as having achieved a qualifying quorum, within the stipulations and limitations of Foundation's bylaws.
This creates an electoral matrix of token distribution for the community members, which the community tracks live and is publicly accessible on the Open Constitution Network Governance System.
Custodian: Election Council