๐Ÿ‘ฃPrivilege Motion

This page describes the design principles of Open Constitution network's Privilege Motion community consensus protocol.

Open Constitution community is lateral in design and relies on electoral representations.

Privilege Motion is an open governance protocol which ensures that members(who have received electoral representation of the community) shall have the privilege to take faster decision on behalf of the community.

All Core Working Committee chairs, Open Council chairs, Ambassador Council chairs, or the Chancellor of the Executive Council can apply Privilege Motion on "Change Requests" requiring urgent processing or those requiring emergency attention.

A privileged motion is a motion that grants precedence over ordinary decisions because it concerns matters of great importance or urgency. Such motions are not debatable, although in case of questions of privilege, the chair may feel the need to elicit relevant facts from members.

Each Council's Privilege Motion is designed such that diversity and representation embodies the decision making. Privilege Motion is a community consensus protocol.

An example of Privilege Motion is when a Project CWC chair member decides to apply it for an emergency action on a project.

Custodian: Executive Council

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