This page explains how to bring amendments to this Open Constitution.

Open Constitution Articles of Association goes through amendments all the time.

Open Constitution Articles of Association define several covenants and articles of association for its citizens.

a. Readers can use the information in these sections to publish on news websites, blogs and any other medium over the Internet.

b. Readers can use the information in these sections to govern their organisations, with this constitution on their own.

"Wherever possible, please cite the Open Constitution's instrument(document page), when you reuse the constitution in your organisation.

We are running a global association of open-source intelligence and Intellectual assets, using the governance model, listed in this library.

You may use the design principles of this library to run your private network, node or community. You can use the content, by simply attributing to the Open Constitution license.


Open Constitution Global Statutes are divided into different constitutional bodies. Articles of association for each constitutional body of the Open Constitution are detailed and presented on a single page of this Open Constitution.

Each page is, therefore, known as a single instrument of the Open Constitution.

Each instrument is bound by a specific custodian, an Open Council body which is responsible for maintaining, legislating, and amending the laws enacted in the Foundation's self-governance model.



These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed by the members, or by the Executive Council and new Bylaws may be adopted by the Executive Council or by the members.

No alteration, amendment or repeal of these Bylaws shall be effective unless and until the Foundation attempts, in good faith, to issue notice to the members of the Foundation of such alteration, amendment or repeal at least fifteen (15) days prior to the effective date of such alteration, amendment or repeal, which notice may be by electronic means.

Read Bylaws here.

Read governance guidelines before bringing about an Amendment to the Open Constitution.

Visit Trust Governance Center

File an Amendment Proposal

Custodian: Executive Council

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