This page explains how to bring amendments to this Open Constitution.
"Change is eternal to human and humankind. Sometimes to adapt to change, willingness to change is required from within each and every human being."
Before we begin, an individual citizen should gain access to the Foundation's Gitbook to initiate change requests to this Open Constitution. This is generally accorded when members join the Foundation. Read Open Access levels.
Open Constitution is divided into different constitutional bodies. Articles of association for each constitutional body is presented on a single page of this Open Constitution. Each page is known as a single instrument of the Open Constitution.
Each instrument is bound by a specific custodian, either a Council or a Committee, which is responsible for upkeep and amendment of the laws, enacted in the Foundation's self governance.


A citizen prepares an amendment proposal and posts it on Foundation's Public DIscussion platform.
Guidelines for creating a General Public discussion and how to use the Discussion Platform are available on the platform's guide.
CHANGE REQUEST: If you are a citizen with privileged access levels(Read Open Access levels), you may also go ahead and edit this online copy of the Open Constitution, by creating a change request.
A change request should be branched.
Remember to tag the Custodian: Council or Committee.
a. Open Constitution is multi-lingual(this copy is translatable English version) and the mode of this literature is encompassing diverse, interlinked terminologies from different fields of study. Therefore, the linguistic sense of an amendment draft should adhere to the Glossary. b. Changes proposed as an amendment draft shall be in accordance with the Guiding Principles.
Any citizen (or non citizen of the Foundation) can introduce a new amendment proposal or comment on existing change requests on the Foundation's PUBLIC DISCOURSE.


POST a Citizen Resolution in the Foundation's Open Convention.
Citizens shall post the amendment proposals in the Open Convention forums, along with the Public Discussion and cite the Change Request.
Build a positive consensus on the "Change Request" Resolution, in one of the relevant Open Convention of the Foundation.
All citizen Resolutions should be supported by relevant and detailed note on how the proposed change request will contribute to the community.
A minimum of 72 hours of time window should be given for the change request to achieve a visible community consensus.


Another peer(a Council or a non Council member) may review the Citizen Resolution.
  • Generally, Custodians review specific principles which govern the core functioning of their Council or Committees, whenever a change request is proposed in a Citizen Resolution.
  • Generally, Citizens or a group of citizens review how the change request affect their contributions and project activity and the collective.
  • Regulations Council and Steward Groups of Fiscal Host review for any irregularities in the change request's compliance with different jurisdictional laws.
  • Steward Group also maintain the main branch of this Open Constitution for the Independent Board to ratify the Citizen Resolution, based on Executive Council's public reports..
Custodians may invoke an Open Ballot (Council or a Committee or an Open Council Vote), for making a decision on the Citizen Resolution.
If Custodians find visible differences in the community consensus such that two or more members have declared "Right to Protest", or similar opposing motions, then a community referendum shall be called.
Based on the Open Ballot, a Citizen Resolution shall be enacted in the Foundation's self governance


Only Custodians are eligible to approve a change request, of the Citizen Resolution, made for an amendment of the Open Constitution Instrument.
It is at this stage that the change request has become an instrument of the Open Constitution, conditional to the ratification of the change by the all the Independent Boards.
A change request should be merged based on:
community consensus, and Custodian:Council or a Committee's approval; Or a favourable community referendum if Right to Protest has been declared.
Citizens whose "Citizen Resolution" failed to pass, may appeal again, with a new change request, following the guidelines(Day 1 to Day 54)
โœ… Executive Council informs the Independent Board by electronic email and public reports.
As a legal body, jurisdiction affiliated Independent Boards ratify the amendments by adopting the Constitutional Change and maintain public facing records of the Amendments in Special Convention Meeting Minutes.
Custodian: Executive Councilโ€‹
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