Guiding Principles
This page explains the guiding principles of the Muellners Foundation.
Muellners Foundation is a global think tank. These are the guiding principles for all members of the Muellners Foundation. Read more on what memberships mean here.

Statement on Human Rights and equality:

Human Rights: The Foundation bases its humanitarian work from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and emphasizes the principle of non-discrimination in human society. The Foundation professes everyone's right to a mental and physical well-being including awareness through education.
Equality and Humanitarian Position: All human beings are equal in access to and enforcement of their human rights.
Statement on Diversity:
Discrimination: Discrimination leaves long lasting affects on the quality of a human life. Muellners Foundation does not support and works against any form of discrimination - be it religion, ethnicity, caste, sex, gender, political or other opinion, nationality, or economic.
Racism: The Foundation members endorse equality. Therefore, the Foundation condemns any form of racism.
All human beings are equal regardless of their skin color. No race is better than any other race. The only race that exists is the human race.
Foundation bases its work against racial discrimination from the “The Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination” by United Nations, first adopted on 20 November 1963.
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Gender: All human beings are free to practice any gender that they deem fit to their way of life. Further, the foundation also supports a non-binary position on human gender identity.
Position on Gender Empowerment: The Foundation works towards a world where humans of various sexes and genders have equal rights and opportunities. Foundation members respect diverse experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths of every human, based on biological differences as well as cultural and social distinctions.
Sexual Orientation: The view that the Foundation holds on the human race is that no human should be subjected to any label or a category. We believe that all human beings have the freedom to practice any sexual orientation.
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Culturism: As the Foundation endorses equality, Foundation members do not endorse culturism. No culture is bigger than any other culture. All diverse cultural heritage which the present human society has are fundamental to humankind.

Statement on Non violence & Terrorism:

The Foundation members practice the philosophy of non violence. Therefore, it strongly condemns any form of violence, be it by a human, group of humans, a nation or a government. Muellners Foundation strictly condemns any form of terrorism on this planet and promotes stronger regulations for financial systems to work against Global Terrorism Financing.
Foundation bases its research and development from the legal instruments and proclamations made by the United Nations.
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Statement on Climate Change:

Not only adverse climate change is real but we are working towards reversing it by supporting green initiatives and low carbon footprints. Foundation members support research and development, across a spectrum of different technologies to support an ecologically sustainable balance on planet earth.
Foundation bases its research and development work from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Biodiversity: The Foundation encourages, supports enriching biodiversity and asserts its role in restoring ecological balance on the planet. Foundation bases its research and development work from the The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
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Statement on Global Development:

Poverty: Poverty is a devastating circumstance for many inhabitants of the planet Earth. Foundation members work towards sustainable, local community centric elimination of poverty.
Financial Inclusion: Economic disparity is continuously increasing. Majority of the planet is still underbanked or non-banked. Foundation members support financial inclusion initiatives.
Income gap in countries: There is immense wealth inequality in the world. Foundation members acknowledge income inequality as a major point of non-equilibrium in human society.
Global Food Crisis: The Foundation supports research and development, humanitarian aid actions against the global food crisis.(Food Security)
Global Water Crisis: The Foundation supports the view that all humans have a right to clean drinking water. The Foundation members support research and development of technologies that solve water crises across the planet.
Migration across the planet: Muellners Foundation supports protection of internally displaced people (IDPs), refugees and asylum-seekers - humans that fear persecution, conflict, violence, or other circumstances that have seriously disturbed public order, and who, as a result, require protection.

Statement on Technology:

Intellectual Property: We promote open sourcing any research & development for the greater good of human society. We promote open sourcing technology in all sectors. As the human made industries move towards data economy, Muellners Foundation supports relinquishing business models in global markets that are based on closed source technologies for the welfare of human society. Foundation encourages industry to open source their closed source patents.
Artifical Intelligence: The Foundation uses technology as a means to achieve its goals. We support creation of Artificial Intelligence for advancements in global health, treatment to differently abled human beings. We support decentralised Artificial Intelligence on planet earth.
Decentralised Technology Governance: Human society is diverse, and distributed. Foundation members support decentralised technology governance to aid human intelligence.

Statement on Social Governance:

Apolitical: Politics governs the standard of living and governance structures within and of human society. The Foundation is apolitical and does not hold any bias with or against political groups. However, we do not support political groups on the planet that disrespect or do not recognize universal human rights.
Global Governance: Foundation is of the view that a global governance system should be promoted both in forms of legislation (and more strongly enforceable than treaties b/w sovereign states), judiciary and executives. The Foundation supports democratic governance and the Foundation supports global taxation as well.

Statement on Religion & Theology:

The Foundation believes that “All human beings are free to practice any religion”. This comes from the logical truth that each human being should respect another fellow being’s religious expression. Foundation is a non religious organisation and therefore only promotes a healthy open dialogue on subjects of theology, amongst person(s) practicing different religions. It does not endorse a specific form of religious practice over others.

Statement on Privacy:

Privacy of any person(s) should be respected and never violated. Foundation supports stronger globally enforceable data protection regulations.

Other Statements:

Freedom of Journalism: Foundation members support freedom of journalism, so that free speech can be promoted in the human society.
Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Foundation supports ongoing Public Disclosure of records.
Space Exploration: Foundation supports space research and development for humankind’s welfare, scientific pursuit and aid lives of differently abled humans.
Consciousness: Foundation supports active research and development on human consciousness for humankind’s welfare, scientific pursuit and aid lives of differently abled humans.
Neurological Sciences: Foundation supports active research and development on human neurology for humankind’s welfare, scientific pursuit and aid lives of differently abled humans.
Robotics: Foundation members support robotics technology for humankind’s welfare, scientific pursuit and to aid lives of differently abled humans.
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