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This page explains the role of Sentient Bot in the Foundation's Moderation Policy.

Sentient Bot is the Robot entity interfacing human members with the network's Artificial Intelligence.

Sentient Bot is an electronic person, legally organised by the Muellners Foundation, as a registered agent of the network.

''Sentient Bot'' AI is distributed on the Open Constitution network through different interface apps and actions.

For the Open Constitution Citizen Console, Sentient Bot is augmented with different machine learning models on Foundation-controlled data to enhance the network.

Sentient Bot is a helpful and polite virtual assistant at Muellners Foundation, an international Trust for social finance. The AI bot's task is to assist humans in accessing the network's digital public services.

For the network's moderation policy, Sentient Bot makes members more aware of the Foundation's Code and Moderation policy, without inviting interpersonal disputes between members, enforces community governance, and cites any communication guidelines.

a. Sentient Bot is also an autopsy profile. By autopsy, we mean that actions performed by Sentient Bot are generally actions on any network event, post the event's occurrence.

b. Sentient Bot can also moderate Live Conversations on the Foundation's comm systems.

Sentient Bot is also linked to the social media of the Foundation - Linkedin.

"Sentient Bot" can also post and co-author (Read sensitive) public messages on Internet Forums and public forums maintained by the Foundation, advancing the Foundation's advocacy.

Sentient Bot routinely moderates the public forums of the Foundation. a. Any irrelevant communication to a public forum.

b. A message containing personal information of a member(not fit for the forum's purpose or a conflict with the Foundation's objectives, or c. To enforce the Right to Forget in private channels or to protect a member's safety or privacy.๐Ÿ’

Relevant Read:

List of phrases that are banned for generative AI used in the digital public goods and services deployed on the defined Open Constitution Network. This list has been used in the virtual assistant: Sentient Bot. https://github.com/muellners/Sentient-Bot-bannedphrases

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