Open Governance

This section explains design principles of Open Governance in the Open Constitution initiative.
Open Constitution is a self governing human-machine governance protocol using decentralised and autonomous governance model.
Open Constitution use a collection of distributed, flexible, compatible and censorship resistant open source tools and technology.
Open Constitution initiative maintains a digital public goods and services infrastructure, endowed through digital grants and accrual open source licenses from major technology companies on planet earth.

Statement on delegation of decision making to the community.

We must create a participative and socially inclusive community, which runs itself at a decentralised auto-governed state.
Foundation's community is a global think tank, which pursues open research for the betterment of humanity.
Members focus on the core of solving the challenges to humanity, with their contributions. The decision making and community governance over change requests are solely vested in this Open Constitution, this in the hands of each human member.
Therefore, it is imperative that the members delegate management of decision Governance into a technology system, which is less and less centralised.
Open Constitution members organise themselves in a lateral structure.
Any member of the Open Constitution are eligible to be nominated to the Open Council. Council memberships are voluntary and pro bono.
Council memberships are also term based to allow for a flexible change of leadership.
Besides Open Council memberships, each project has a CWC, a core Work group that exists to ensure maintenance of projects & initiatives of the Open Constitution.
The subscribed membership activity is governed by a democratically elected Executive Council, adminstrative resolutions of which are vested in the Open Council, and maintained in effect by a judiciary system in the form of Open Tribunal.
The electoral process for all these constitutional bodies is maintained by the Election Council
Custodian: Executive Committee