Perpetual Motion

This page describes the design principles of Open Constitution Network's Perpetual Motion community consensus protocol.
The Open Constitution network's community establishes a governance equilibrium with perpetual motion protocol.
Perpetual Motion is a community consensus protocol.
The action of governance that, once set in motion, would continue in motion forever, with no additional energy required to maintain it.
Decisions arrived out of Open Governance are decisions that influence or continue to influence the Foundation's roadmap, direction and active steering.
At times, certain subjects may require that such decisions be taken (which once logged on Open Constitution Network), need not be reviewed again, until the end of an electoral period.
All Core Working Committee chairs, Open Council chairs, Ambassador Council chairs, or the Chancellor of the Executive Council can apply Perpetual Motion on merged "Change Requests".
Only merged Change Requests qualify for a Perpetual Motion protocol.
Perpetual Motion cannot be applied to decisions which require immediate processing or those requiring emergency attention i.e. proposals or change requests which received a Privilege Motion. Decisions are logged on the Open Constitution Network Governance System, with the Perpetual Motion Protocol.
Custodian: Executive Council