This space houses ratified Articles of Associations of natural persons, legal persons and electronic persons.
Open Constitution AI: An open-source, digital public goods and service system that is designed to operate with elements of autonomy and that, based on machine and/or human-provided data and inputs, infers how to achieve a given set of objectives using machine learning and/or logic- and knowledge-based approaches, and produces system-generated outputs, such as content, predictions, recommendations or decisions, which influences the environment, as per the network’s Articles of Association.
Open Constitution AI runs based on self-governance principles and Open Trust protocols, laid down in the network’s Global Statutes.
Open Constitution network (hereby network): is a network of computing machines, with the purpose of self-sustaining a public information system, contributed by natural and legal persons from different time zones. The current network status is here.
“The network is a publicly accessible, spatial representation of Intellectual Property Estate of network participants i.e. natural persons, legal persons and electronic persons.”
Articles of the Open Constitution are amendable.;
The source code of Open Constitution governance protocols is released and reduced to practice, using an Open Constitution license.
Open Constitution initiative operates across different regions of the world, on the Internet.
These public-facing policy "instruments" and guidelines are based on the active harmonization of open governance laws, as articulated in this Open Constitution, including but not limited to bylaws and local statutes for the local communities of Open Constitution to fully address Local jurisdictions and Information Technology Acts, Cyber Security Laws, Legal Contract Binding Acts, Business Laws.
This literature is a library of articles/documents/instruments for open-source governance of a human-machine network on the Internet. This library is used in the active deployment of technical systems and Open Constitution AI-based governance protocols, based on the Articles listed in this library.
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