Open Constitution
This space has the instruments, articles, guidelines, & policies of Muellners Foundation. Together, they make planet Earth's open constitution. These are our public governance protocols.
This space houses public facing records of our guidelines, and directives and wherever applicable Terms & conditions.
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b. Muellners Foundation is a global co-operative. The Foundation operates its initiatives across different regions of the world, primarily over the Internet.
These public facing policy "instruments" and guidelines are based on Muellners Foundationโ€™s active compliance to various Local jurisdictions and Information Technology Acts, Cyber Security Laws, Legal Contract Binding Acts, Business Laws.
These public facing records also guideline Foundation's active compliance with General Public in form of governments of regions/countries, where we run our initiatives, with our democratic principles.
Please feel free to reach out in case of queries.
Email - Legal Affairs; Muellners Foundation - [email protected]
IMPRINT: Please visit the specific page of a Fiscal Host, listing the Legal Impressum and public details on the Legal Body:
โ€‹EEA(European Economic Area) โ€‹
  • ยฉ2019-2022:Muellnersยฎ (Frivilig Forening)Foundation,
    Nygade 3, 4.2, Copenhagen 1164, Denmark
CVR nummer- 41008407, P nummer- 1025331717;
Download Public Documents of Foundation's first Fiscal Host here.โ€‹
โ€‹Republic of India:โ€‹
Download Public Documents of Foundation's second Fiscal Host here.
  • Muellnersยฎ is a registered trademark of Foundation Data Processor: Muellners ApS, CVR nummer-41548304, P nummer -1026073886, and as per Vienna Codification.
Public Notice: These are the public facing records for Serenity Governance System.
This content along with internal systems, and our technical workflows make the whole Open Constitution based governance protocols. Open Constitution goes through amendments all the time.
Open Constitution defines several covenants and articles of association for the Foundation's citizens.
a. You can use the information in these sections to publish at news websites, blogs and any other medium over the Internet. Don't forget to cite this section by simply embedding this url.
b. You can use the information in these sections to govern your own organisation, with this constitution on your own. For more details, read about Serenity. Wherever possible, please cite the Open Constitution's instrument(document page), when you reuse the constitution in your organisation.
โ€‹Executive Councilโ€‹
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