Peer Review

This page explains the Open Constitution network's peer-to-peer decision review and guidelines on avoiding self-promotion.

Avoid Self Promotion, and advocate ideas, not people

"Self" is described as the persona of a human being, associated with an existential basis of conscious experience of a human being, including but not limited to corporeality and non spatial cognition.
Sustainable and non exploitative "Self" interests shall be asserted in the realm of Open Constitution's purpose of creating a better human society with technology based governance.
All forms of conscious experience of a human being shall be privacy protected and therefore at the discretion of each human member whether they share, discuss or publish information on their "Self".
Read more on Community Mental Health.
About Self Promotion:
"Self" promotion and "Self" nominations are not appealing within the governance framework of the Open Constitution.
Members have organised themselves for the greater good of humankind, its sustainable future and world peace.
It is therefore imperative that members also observe these characteristics when inviting a new member to the "Invite only" communities of specific projects or programs of the Open Constitution.
About Peer Review:
Open Constitution initiatives are peer-reviewed.
Whenever in doubt regarding a decision-making exercise, a peer review shall be taken as a preferred choice of decision-making. Custodian: Executive Council​