๐Ÿ“–Community Referendum

This page explains the Community Referendum which takes place with respect to Foundation's initiatives.

Community Proposals and Council Resolutions may sometimes go through a community referendum.

Community Referendum is one type of electoral process with which the Foundation's community builds a consensus.

Community Referendums are registered on Open Constitution Governance System.

A Community Referendum may also be required if Foundation has opened a public policy investigation with respect to Foundation's Objective IV.

Some of the Open Council appointments, and impeachment objects necessarily go through the Community Referendum.

Arbitration Proceedings between citizens(Open Tribunal) may also use a Community Referendum, upon the request of the Observations Council.

Global Statutes of the Foundation: Article III, Quorum for Meeting of Members is adapted to the community referendum.

Open Constitution's Community Referendum is generally accessible by all members of the Muellners Foundation - both Council, its CWC members and non-Council members.

Quorum on the Community Referendum for a Motion is achieved when 33% (more than 1/3rd) of all the voluntarily organised subscribed members participate. Of the minimum number of participating members, the Community Referendum stands as Decided when the majority of the quorum populace votes in favour of the Motion.

E.g.: Let's say there are 1000 Foundation members.

A minimum of 333 members are required to participate in the Community Referendum to achieve a quorum. The decision of the Community Referendum depends on a majority(167/333) in favour of, or against the subject of the Referendum. This is the qualifying state for the Referendum to get locked on Open Constitution public ledger.

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