Join Open Council!
This page explains how an individual member is elected to an Open Council body.
Foundation promotes outstanding socially inclined individuals from all corridors of human life, and promotes sentient leadership in its community.
We believe all community members have a stake in decision making and governance of Foundation's initiatives.
If you are an individual member, with a keen interest in attaining a Council membership, to drive the Foundation's agenda forward, please guide yourself with following community principles:

For any of these Open Council committees:

Steering, Media, Treasury committee.

"A leader is inherently a follower of community's voice.
Your membership to Council committee is a responsible role to lead community members forward.
To do justice to the role of leadership, members seeking a nomination, shall be understanding, and empathetic towards other members.
These Committee members have a larger role in ensuring democratic representation of non committee members also."
STEP 1: Steady and visible contribution:
If you are here, and reading this, it should be assumed that you have been contributing to Foundation's steering activities and creating a positive recognition of your contribution, amongst your peers, generally over a consistent period of time.
Foundation members understand that the contributions are subjective.
An individual member shall strive to create impact with their contribution, such that other committee members should be able to endorse the member's nomination to any of the above Council committees.
Any member seeking a Council committee membership, shall deepen their engagement in the community, with their selfless contributions.
STEP 2: Community Proposal:
You MUST never self nominate yourself in a community proposal for the Committee memberships. Our community is based on peer to peer review. Therefore, another community member shall nominate a proposal.
The community proposal shall recognize nominee's contribution and discuss their nomination to one of the above Council committees. The community discussion shall further introduce goals and objectives of your participation in the specific Committee.
Any nomination to these Committees shall be supported by a documented proposal from the nominated(or to be nominated member) or from the members supporting the nominated candidate.
Nominated Candidates should build community consensus on their ideas of participation in these Open Council Committees.
The community proposals are floated for a period of 72 hours in the Open Decision Forums. Read more about design principles of Open Governance.

For any of these committee memberships:

Read the Constitution Instruments on each of these committees: Observation, Advisory, Legal, Regulations, Ethics.
Foundation members nominate outstanding individual members to these committees.
STEP 1: Community Proposal for Nomination:
For appointment to any of these listed Council committees, any Foundation member(Council or Non Council) shall propose names of outstanding individuals from both outside and within the scope of subscribed membership activity of the Foundation.
The member(s) inviting the said individual shall describe to the community the individual and their work, well within the scope of Foundation's guiding principles.
It is at the discretion of the Executive Committee and Open Council members to ratify invitation to the member for the appointment to these committees.
STEP 2: Introduction to Community: Any existing Council committee member shall introduce the candidate to the community for their nomination.
Appropriate privacy consent shall be taken from the individual, who has expressed interest in getting nominated to these committees.

Following steps are same for all Open Council Committee appointments;

STEP 3: Council Vote:
Based on the response to the community proposal, an existing Council committee member(as per the respective Committee's Constitution Instrument) shall nominate the candidate for a Council Vote "Vote IN". (along with the nomination proposal above).
Read more about Vote, Open Ballot and Council Vote.
STEP 4: Quorum:
Executive Committee ratifies appoints the member to the Open Council Committee, based on Open Council "Vote IN", for which the nomination should achieve a quorum in favour of the appointment.
Read more about how each committee's quorum is achieved in Instrument pages, describing the respective Committee's Constitution.
If the quorum is not in favour of the said nomination of appointment, then the nominated member shall receive a feedback from the peers. (Council members).
Subsequent re nomination can only be filed after a period of 6(six) months to join the same Council Committee. Read more about Incumbency here.
STEP 5: Public Announcement
The appointment action is ratified by the Independent Board and a public announcement is made.
Appointment is Logged on the Serenity Membership Data Registry.
Upon a successful nomination and having received a passed Council Resolution "Vote IN", a new Open Council member should file their supporting documents to Serenity Membership Registry. A private link is generated by Serenity system.
Custodian: Independent Boardโ€‹