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This page describes the design principles of Open Constitution Network's Stay Motion community consensus protocol.

The Open Constitution network's community establishes a governance equilibrium with the "Stay Motion" protocol.

Stay Motion is a community consensus protocol.

The action of governance, a motion to stay is to temporarily stop or halt community proceedings.

Decisions arrived out of Open Governance are decisions that influence or continue to influence the Foundation's roadmap, direction and active steering.

At times, certain subjects may require that Open Governance decisions be reviewed once again or a community member may come across something critical such that the decision requires another review.

Decisions may also require customary reviews within the same electoral period.

Only chairs of the Core Working Committee, Open Council bodies, Ambassador Council, or the Chancellor of the Executive Council can apply a Stay Motion on an Open "Change Requests".

"Open" Change Requests, when a "Protest" is activated on the Open Constitution Governance System, essentially qualify for a "Stay Motion" protocol.

Stay Motion need not be applied to a project or a decision:

a. When only "Right to Inclusion" has been activated on a community proposal or

b. When "Privilege Motion" has been applied(on decisions which required immediate processing or those requiring emergency attention i.e. change requests which received a Privilege Motion.

Decisions are logged on the Open Constitution Governance System, with the Stay Motion Protocol.

Custodian: Executive Council

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