๐Ÿ™‹Global Citizen

This page describes the global citizenship on the Open Constitution Network.


Registry: Subscription, Global

Registrar: Executive Council, Data Security Council

All natural persons, registered with the "Subscription" and "Global" registry, acquire a "subscribed membership" status on the Open Constitution network.

Eligibility: Only natural persons

Global Citizens are also termed as "transnational citizens", in this Open Constitution.

Global Citizens organise themselves and Foundation's initiatives, activities and community projects on several Internet based public forums and member spaces. This is an open source intelligence collective. Read Communications Charter.

Public Notice:

All Global Citizens, may or may not be Local Citizens, depending on whether Foundation's community has self organised a Fiscal Host/Node in the local jurisdiction. Categorical Explanation: Please note that some subscribed members may not be able to get themselves registered as ordinary voluntary members(Local citizens), unless a Fiscal Host is identified and constituted in the local region.

Global Citizens are covered by Foundation's data protection regime, regardless of whether a data protection law is active in the context of limitations of Local jurisdiction.

All Global Citizens gain a Guest or Member access, according to the Open Access Charter and depending on Self verification.

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