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Core Working Group
This page explains Core Working Committee(CWC) of each project, defined by Muellners Foundation.
Foundation's community shall appoint several Core Working Committees(CWCs), as a member body within the Open Council Committees of the Foundation.
CWCs generally comprises of subject matter researchers, such as members affiliated to STEM(Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). CWC members may also come from diverse fields of industry and academia.
There are two types of CWCs:
  1. 1.
    โ€‹Steering CWCs:
Steering CWC members are generally the core work group on a specific project of the Foundation. Read what a project mean here.
Each project has an independent CWC. Each project's electorally appointed Steering Committee members can independently decide on the workings and functioning of their project CWC.
CWC chair is the member which leads each CWC, and it's project discussions within the Foundation's community.
2. Independent CWCs: For these Council specific committees - Media, Regulations, Legal, Observation and Executive, independent CWCs shall be constituted.
Members appointed to the these independent CWCs, contribute to the core functioning of these Council Committees.
Read more on CWCs in Serenity Governance wiki(upcoming) Custodian: Executive Committeeโ€‹
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