This page details the objectives of the members of this Open Constitution.
To create, foster and maintain an open research and engineering community, in form of support, creation, and lifecycle of open source - "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical(STEM)" intelligence.
  • To provide financial support to social sustainable businesses, financial inclusion initiatives and technology governance projects.
  • To create and maintain a community owned Global Trust, maintained on a public ledger, and whose control is solely vested in this Open Constitution.
To publish open source best practices and standards in the BFSI sector and to observe open source communities, and publish Reports & Findings, and White Papers in the public interest.
To suggest regulatory reforms to Financial Supervisory and Regulatory agencies, Inter governmental agencies, Social and Development organisations, Financial Crimes Agencies, Anti Money Laundering Agencies, Governments.
To maintain an Open-source intelligence (OSNIT) from processing and analyzing public data sources such as broadcast TV and radio, social media, and websites on public policy.
To create, foster and maintain a public discourse on the advocacy of Open Constitution's guiding principles.
Custodian: Executive Council​