Org Member: Network Tenancy for legal bodies

This section lists the Articles of Association for legal bodies on the Open Constitution network, who become E Tenants.
This page explains the "Open Constitution" Network Tenancy Access for institutions, and organisations(collectively referred to as ''Org Member'' or ''E-Tenant'' in this literature) through Network tenancy.
OC Network ecosystem fosters:
Creation of an Open source advanced intelligence network and
Democratizing digital public goods and services
Therefore, the network welcomes and invites strategic partnerships with different academic and non-academic institutions, for-profit and non-for-profit companies, a group of scientists and engineers (voluntarily organised as a group), online forums and open-source communities.
Open Governance via Open Constitution acts as global governance for quasi cooperative model of decentralised community, with Independent jurisdiction-based Fiscal hosts. The Open Governance derived from this Open Constitution Governance System, governs the 'Open Constitution' Network Tenancy.
Open source contributions contemplated in the Network Tenancy on an open source initiative of the Foundation are of mutual interest and benefit to the Foundation and to the Org member, and further the research objectives of the Foundation in a manner, consistent with its status as a non-profit and should derive benefits for both the Company, the Foundation & Foundation’s vision.
OC Network Tenancy gives the Org Members/Tenants the opportunity to avail the benefits of the Open Source Ecosystem by participating in the Foundation’s Open Source Development Roadmap in order to benchmark tenants’ industry-standard use case of financial services, social services and green initiatives.
Network Tenancy gives the tenants the opportunity to jointly develop open-source intellectual property for the greater good of humankind.

Banks, International Financial Institutions, and Multi-lateral development banks across the world are active financial services providers, through a fintech service.
a. FI with operational, revenue-generating use cases of financial services.
b. Loan Portfolio> EUR 100 mil, Asset under management(AUM) Book Size> EUR 500 mil
Not-for-profit companies, voluntary associations, and Co-operatives, across the world get enrolled into the Open Constitution Partner Program. These partners are also eligible to qualify as "Fiscal Hosts" for the Foundation.
Eligibility: A duly recognised and registered Not-for-profit company with a focus on financial inclusion, social inclusion, and climate protection activities.
Academic institutions across the world get enrolled in the Open Constitution Network Tenancy Program.
A duly recognised and registered educational institution with a focus on STEM( Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), Global Health, Global Development, Arts & Music
We also work with Entrepreneurship cells and Innovation teams from educational institutions.
Public Agreement: Case-specific agreements are signed and digitalised for public-facing records.
Inter government agencies on the planet to advance research and development activities, advocacy of guiding principles of the Open Constitution Network.
Eligibility: An Inter-Government Agency recognised by the United Nations such as International Trade Bodies,
For more information, a Directorial representative or a CEO of an Inter-Government Agency may reach out to the Executive Committee of the Foundation directly; Or Write to the Foundation's Help Center here. Or
Join the open source community and observe community discussions to discuss the Foundation's Open Constitution E Tenancy Program in your agency.
Public Agreement: Case-specific agreements are signed and digitalised for public-facing records.
Governments and government agencies on the planet, in any jurisdiction, to advance research and development activities, advocacy of guiding principles of the Open Constitution Network and public policy discussions on technology governance.
Eligibility: A government of a UN member state which is not sanctioned by any of the United Nations Agencies such as FATF, World Bank or United Nations Security Council, Open Source Program Office of such governments and e-government initiatives.
Technology companies, such as Robotics, AI, Data Science, RnD, and Technical Assistance companies.
Digital companies across the world, are active financial services providers, and enablers of financial services through fintech, Research and Development, or technical services.
NOTICE: The Articles of Association are distilled to practices, automation and Artificial Intelligence events on the Open Constitution network.
Read More on How to Activate Org Tenancy in the knowledge base of Open Bank here.
Custodian: Steering Council