Digital Service Credits

This page explains the digital service credits, issued to Network Tenant and the acceptable usage policy of these credits.
Digital Services Credits are issued to verified legal bodies of the Open Constitution Network Tenancy, with which each ORG Member body can avail dedicated and Managed services of the co-operative of the Foundation or the Open Constitution network hosted by the Foundation.
Digital Services Credits:
Representative Appointee of ORG member bodies shall activate a Project Tenancy Account in the Foundation’s Open Bank Portal.
The project is run with Open Governance.
Product engineers can be onboarded to the project from the Foundation’s community.
ORG Tenancy level access to talent, and open source intelligence of grantees from the Open Grant Program; gain fresh perspective(s) on your technology redundancies, by dedicating human intelligence to your project.

Governance Articles:

Digital Services Credits(hereby credits)
  1. 1.
    Credits give premium benefits of Open Constitution Network Tenancy Program and dedicated Managed Services for Research and Development on open source product lifecycle(s).
  2. 2.
    Credits give premium benefits of Level 2, and Level 3 support on open-source product lifecycle(s). (Incubated or verified Open Source projects on the network only)
The representative Appointee of an ORG Member body shall constitute a Partner Project and such a project shall go through underwriting, and incubation using the Foundation's Open ballot proceedings.
An appropriate Council or Committee vote shall launch the project.
Based on the scope and size of the project, the Representative Appointee shall also define an Accrued Value to any Managed Services, which are required to actively pursue the objectives of the Project.
Note: Certain Projects may have null Accrued Value
Credits: Partner avails credits in exchange of the declared Accrued Value of the Project.
Credits are used to administer the Project Work, onbaord any Managed Services, in relation to the project tenancy on the Open Constitution network.
Project Proceedings:
The electorally appointed representative of an Org member body shall constitute an ORG Project and such governance of project proceedings shall be run using the Articles of Association: Open Constitution.
Project Closure:
The electorally appointed representative of an Org member body shall close the Project and such a project closure shall go through a formal project closure report, filed in Open Convention using Foundation's Open Governance.
Project Conventions:
The electorally appointed representative of an Org member body shall convene ORG Project conventions, within the Articles of Association: Natural Persons: Open Constitution.