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How to be a Serenity partner?
This page explains additional guidelines for members affiliated to Serenity partner, in addition to Muellners Foundation Code of Conduct.
Serenity Partner Program is an ecosystem driven initiative. We therefore lookout that our partners foremost deliver a pledge that "any joint Intellectual Property that they work with us on, is reduced to practice and released in open source via a compatible open source license. "
This is done for humanitarian reasons.
Serenity Partner Program members are non competitive to each other. The partners are carefully selected and reviewed, keeping the diversity of use cases & partner case studies at the forefront of the program.
Team members, employees, even the CEO of an organisation, accepted into the Serenity partner program are individual contributors to the Foundation's open initiatives.
a. For the members of the Serenity partner to join and collaborate with the Foundation's community, they shall subscribe to Foundation's community memberspace.
b. Members from Serenity partner do have a moral responsibility to represent the purpose of their group, company or organisation viz Serenity partnership.
c. Muellners Foundation's community is a democratically run association. Regardless of what your affiliation is, once you have made it to the community, your member subscription is guided by these community resources.
d. Members affiliated to Serenity partner collaborate with the peers in the open source community, in the similar way as other non affiliated or individual contributors do.
e. Members from Serenity partner program entities, can get elected to CWCs, Steering Committees and other bodies of decision making, to represent the open community.
f. In addition to the Code of Conduct, for all members of Muellners Foundation, following guidelines are also relevant to the members coming from organisations.(Serenity Partner)
  1. 1.
    They should never self nominate their own community proposal. Read more on this.
Any individual member does not self nominate their proposal, in the case of a Serenity partner, visible conflicts of interests, might derail the goodwill, the member may be attempting to create. Therefore, members should take help from their peers. They should ensure that another peer, who nominates their proposal is not affiliated to the same Serenity partner organisation.
2. They should never promote their organisation in the community space. Serenity program and the open community here is collaborative, not competitive.
Foundation maintains public platforms such as Open Podcast, Open Research Portal where members can freely express and promote their or their organisation's work. Therefore, such members should take extra precautions in linking their affiliation in the public facing documentation of the Foundation's project.
3. The members from Serenity partner organisations represent the purposes and goals of their organisation, viz the open community of Foundation. Each Serenity partner organisation, runs a focus group in the community space. These members thus have responsibility towards their organisation and the Foundation's community. These members should take pracautions in ensuring any confidential data of the Serenity partner organisation is redacted from the public.
4. Members should take pracautions in translating and communicating representation of their focus group in the public forums of the Foundation. This is generally done, when members(affiliated to Serenity partner) participate in the democratically elected committees of the Foundation. It is through the platform of committees that these members can contribute to the decision making of Foundation's Resolutions.
Read more on this in Serenity Governance wiki.
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