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Open Schedule
This page tracks the schedule of open podcast, hosted weekly.
Open Podcast is where members host knowledge sessions and workshops on different initiatives of the Foundation. The podcast sessions are public facing.
Open Podcasts also act as an outreach event for the community members of the Foundation.
Open Podcast is the platform of "voice" of the community members to present their views publicly.

Community is tracking the following LIVE schedule here:

Date & Time
Participants: Community Members/Serenity partner
27th Dec,21: 1600 hrs CET
Panelists:Johnson Chetty, Saransh Sharma Moderator: Srinath Srinivasanโ€‹
6th Jan 2022: 1430 hrs CET
โ€‹Kisoboka Africa, Panelists: Stephen Katende, Bruce Tushabe, Anthony Lusaggi Moderator: Rukesh Patelโ€‹
22nd Jan, 2022 1030 hrs CET
Panelists: Amit Chawla, Shreeram V Ramanathan, Moderator: Dinesh Singhโ€‹
15th Jan 2022 : 0900 hrs CET
NFTs and their role in ownership- pixels, code, data
Panelists: Maxence Dehestru, Saransh Sharma, Prasanna Lohar
Moderator: Dolly Bhasin
Tentatively 27th Jan 2022
A fireside chat on Regulations for digital currency case studies, data protection and open source IP
Panelists: Legal Committee members Moderator: TBA
a case study of blockchain use case in financial services
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a case study of social enterprise from
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Learn Alum Case Study
add a team of Learn alum members
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TBA: To be Announced.
Open Podcast is a free knowledge community resource and provides a platform for Foundation members to exhibit and present their case studies.
Muellners Foundation does not warrant the content hosted in Open Podcasts as the Foundation's official advisory position on the subject. The views expressed in open podcast are that of Foundation's open source community members, and its partner ecosystem.
With Open podcast, Foundation provides a platform to foster and advocate open engineering.
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