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How to change?
This page explains how to bring changes to the Open Constitution.
Before we begin you should gain access to the Foundation's Gitbook to initiate change requests to this Open Constitution. This is generally accorded when members join the Foundation.
Each Constitution instrument is presented on a single page of this Open Constitution.
Specific Council Committees are custodians of each of the Constitution instrument.
STEP 0: Edit the Constitution and open a change request. Tag the Custodian: Council Committee member. This brings the change request to their attention.
How to work with change requests?
Propose major changes and public debate on different modalities of the Open Constitution. A member should ensure that the change they propose is a community binding change not a community divisive change. Members should propose changes to the Constitution which steer a socially inclusive change.
STEP 1: Community consensus
Post concrete suggestions in the form of community proposal.
Achieve a positive consensus on the "Change Request" Proposal, in one of the relevant public forums of the Foundation.
Note: Community Proposals should be supported by relevant and detailed note on how the proposed change request will contribute to the community governance. Always cite the gitbook change request in the proposal. At least 72 hours of time window should be given for the change request to achieve a visible community consensus.
STEP 2: Peer Review:
Another peer(a Council or a non Council member) may review the change request.
  • Generally Council members look for specific principles which govern the core functioning of their Council Committees, whenever a change is proposed in a community proposal.
  • Generally Non Council active members look for how the change request affect their contributions activity and community.
  • Regulations Committee's Steward Group members look for any irregularities in the change request's compliance with different jurisdictional laws. Steward Group in principle prepares the official comments for the Independent Board to ratify the decision, based on Executive Committee's Counsel.
Therefore, a relevant Council committee and its CWC members are eligible to approve the change request made to a Constitution Instrument.(Custodians.)
If Custodians find visible differences in the community consensus such that two or more members have declared "Right to Protest", then a community referendum shall be called.
STEP 3: Merged Change Request: A change request is always merged by the one of the Council Committee or its CWC members, who are Custodians of the relevant Constitution Instrument.
It is at this stage that the change request has become an instrument of the Open Constitution, conditional to the Independent Board's ratification, each month.
A change request should be merged based on:
community consensus, and Council Committee's approval; Or a favourable community referendum if Right to Protest has been declared
โœ… Executive Committee of the Open Council informs the Independent Board by electronic email. The email is sent on the Board's private mailing list, each month on the amendments made to the Constitution.
As a legal body, Independent Board ratifies the amendments by adopting the Constitution Change.
Custodian: Executive Committeeโ€‹
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