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This page explains the Learn Fellowship Alum Network participants.
After a Learn Fellow graduates from their fellowship, they remain participants to the Foundation's subscribed membership activity and Foundation's open source communities. The member is known to be part of Learn Alum Network.
All members of Learn fellowship alum network serve as ambassadors of Muellners Foundation's guiding principles.
After the fellowship, Fellow's access to Foundation's technical infrastructure shall be reduced or kept at same levels, depending on the relationship of the learn fellow with their mentor. A mentor advises the Foundation on the access levels.
If a fellow is unable to complete their fellowship for whatever reasons, several covenants of the Fellowship Agreement shall survive the termination of fellowship.

Requesting Foundation's Board's certification:

At times, Learn fellows engage with other industry bodies, which may be outside the Foundation's ecosystem. Members of the Foundation may request for a certification of their participation in the Foundation's initiatives.

Following guide explains how a Learn alumni shall request for a certification, or a letter of recommendation.

Member posts a proposal requesting the documentation in the community space, specifying the reason for a request, and sharing a brief on their participation in the Foundation's initiatives.
Based on the community engagement received on the proposal, the member shall submit following filled out template in an email to [email protected]
Template for requesting Recommendation
A public link of the above template can be found here:
A member of the Executive Board honors the request of the Learn alumni, based on a consultation with the mentor of the alumni, who mentored the fellow during their participation in the community.
This process shall take atleast 7(seven) days from the time the proposal is intiated in the community.
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