This page explains the democratic process of voting for decision making governance of Foundation's initiatives. .


Voting on key change requests is a democratic process w.r.t Muellners Foundation's subscribed membership activity. Voting also takes place when members are arriving at a consensus on a community proposal, in Foundation's Open Decision forum.
Vote also takes place when nominations, appointments, removals to Open Council Committees or Right to Protest are initiated.
Other issues where Votes take place are Impeachment of the Open Council Committee Presidents and Chancellors, Community Referendums, and the Vote of Confidence.
For nominations, appointments and removal of Open Council Committee members, Foundation is moving towards an Election Schedule 2022.(TBA)

For Open Council Committee decisions:

Independent Board or any Open Council Committee members invoke a Council Vote on the private mailing list. Read more on Open Council Vote.

For project specific decision making:

A private mailing list where Project Management Committee conducts a vote to decide on key issues of the specific projects listed below:
Finscale Public mailing List: [email protected]
Serenity Public Mailing List: [email protected]
Read more on Voting in Open Ballot.
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