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Council Vote
This page explains the Council vote which takes place with respect to Foundation's initiatives.
A "Council vote" takes place on the private mailing list of the Independent Board. The private mailing list comprises of Open Council and its committee members.
The private mailing list is [email protected] This is a no reply email address. Public Message: Please do not send SPAM. SPAM gets neither posted on this mailing list. A System monitors and flags anything inapproriate.
Legal Committee may take an action to assert the Muellners Foundation's legal rights on any inappropriate SPAM sent to this mailing list.
Any Open Council Committee member may call for a Council Vote.
There are many purposes for which a board vote may take place. It can be a new nomination, a resolution on a community proposal for action by the Foundation, or simply a matter of ethical governance.
Whatever the reason may be, a board vote shall be organised when the subject matter has reached a state of visible consensus building exercise in the Foundation's community. Each decision arrived out of the Board vote shall be ratified by the Executive Board.

For Council and its committee members, it is important to note that

Electoral Process for any "Council Resolution" is conditional to a quorum.
a. Quorum is achieved when a minimum of half of all the Open Council members, participate in the Council Resolution - "Council Vote". b. A decision is received in favour of the Council Resolution - "Council Vote", when majority of all the participating members of the Open Council, vote "+1". E.g: Let's say there are 21 Open Council members.
Atleast 11 members shall participate in the Council Resolution for the "Council Vote" to achieve quorum. This is the qualifying state for the Council Resolution to be logged on Serenity public ledger. For any Council Resolution to be electorally approved, the "Council Vote" should receive atleast half of the total votes(required for quorum), in the favour of any Council Resolution. So, in this example, six (+1) votes of the participating 11 Council members will do the job.๐Ÿ˜’
Remember to note that Muellners Foundation is a lateral organised association. This means that for any Council resolution to qualify for a vote, it shall be first proposed in the community as a "Community Proposal".
  1. 1.
    Each Council Vote is active for a specific amount of time - the minimum being 24 hours for subjects requiring urgent notice.
  2. 2.
    For each Council resolution, the "Council Vote" is generally held for 72 hours, such that members from different time zones can respond to the Vote. The period to cast vote may also be extended in cases requiring attention and if two or more members request to do so.
  3. 3.
    Each Council Resolution is broadcast on the private mailing list of Council and its committees.

How to Initiate a Vote?

A member of the Council and its committee shall only invoke a Vote for a Council resolution.
After, a proposal has been discussed in the Foundation's community, a Council member can post an email to Open Council's mailing list.
a. Subject: [VOTE] Title of the Vote
b. Body:
I wish to nominate Pokemon for the annual gala of the Foundation. or I wish to nominate "Entity" for addition to the Serenity Partner Program. or I wish to nominate a Board Resolution for ............
(Please write a statement of why are you supporting the Council resolution or the background of initiating the resolution)
Voting guidelines:
+1 (for Yes, and please specify your comments)
-1 (for No , and please specify the reasons or alternate course of action)
0 (if you have no comments & do not object)
For recording a quorum qualifying reasons: No response or no reply to the Council vote is considered as a no participation. Members are encouraged to register 0 in case they wish to participate but have no comments and no objections.
Vote is OPEN for: 72 hours
Supply enough documentation, supporting the contents of the Vote.
Council members are able to cast an informed board vote based on the associated literature. Council members are subject matter experts of a relevant domain.
Therefore, adding well documented literature is ideal for Council member's review and a positive value that these members can provide back to their community.
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