Sentient Bot
This page explains the role of Sentient Bot in the Foundation's comm systems.
Sentient Bot is a volunteer driven anonymous profile, found in Foundation's communication systems. Any member may request access to Sentient Bot profile.
For Serenity Citizen Console, Sentient Bot is augmented with different AI in Foundation's decentralised social network.
Sentient Bot acts like your neighbourhood batman ๐Ÿ‘€, a vigilante to ensure enforcement of Moderation policy, without inviting interpersonal disputes between members, enforcing community governance, citing any communication guidelines.
Sentient Bot is also an autopsy profile. By autopsy, we mean that actions performed by Sentient Bot are generally actions on a communication event which had taken place in the past.
Sentient Bot does not moderate Live Conversations on the Foundation's comm systems.
At any given point of time, no single member should be aware of which other member has access to Sentient Bot.
Note: This profile is managed by a publicly anonymous group of community volunteers. Members gain access to Sentient Bot for community updates, and moderation actions, while keeping their identity anonymous.
At times, Foundation's electorally appointed Open Council members(Committees and CWCs) may want to engage with their peers with a report, findings, or a public message (anonymously) to avoid confusing the community, whether the message is on behalf of themselves or of the project.
One of the patron of the community uses Sentient Bot to post the communication on behalf of the project, when it is clear that the public message is not on behalf of the patron themselves.
Sentient Bot is also linked to social media of the Foundation - Twitter, Linkedin.
Members generally gain access to "Sentient Bot" to also post sensitive public messages on Internet Forums and public forums maintained by Foundation, advancing Foundation's advocacy.
Sentient Bot routinely moderates the public forums of the Foundation. Currently the Bot sweeps on a weekly basis, to moderate and delete following: (after a communication activity has already happened.) a. Any irrelevant communication to a public forum.
b. A message containing personal information of a member(not fit for the forum's purpose and a conflict with Foundation's objectives, or c. To enforce Right to Forget in private channels or to protect a member's safety or privacy.๐Ÿ’
How to gain access?
Sentient Bot is a machine profile. Talk to Media Committee or Media CWC members. You can also write to [email protected] to gain access to the profile.
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