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Moderation Policy
This page explains the moderation guidelines for the subscribed membership activities.
Applies to Open Podcasts,community discussion forums on Slack, Discord, & project mailing lists also.
Community Ambassadors moderate the public channel messages for violation of Code of Conduct and channelise the conversation.
Reason for moderation action may or may not be given by the moderation group.
In the case of deletion of public messages, the moderation group should delete messages which:
  1. 1.
    Disclose NPPI: Non public personal information e.g photos, a personal information of a member, a govt issued identifier and the likes.
  2. 2.
    Violate the Guiding Principlesโ€‹
  3. 3.
    When a member has requested deletion of their message and Media Committee has reviewed the request.
  4. 4.
    Violates the Code of Conductโ€‹
Approach to Escalation:
Step 1: Community Ambassadors/Moderators: In a scenario, where a member has noticed violation of these guidelines, they shall bring it to the notice of the public channelโ€™s moderator with the message: Notice and serial number of the Code.
E.g Notice 11 with a tag to the moderator of the public channel or private channels.
For reporting violations in a Direct Message, it is recommended to write to the Media Committee, rather than confronting your peer with the Notice of violation.
Step 2: Media Committee: In case the moderator of the channel is unable to respond appropriately to memberโ€™s satisfaction, the member is encouraged to contact the Media Committee on its mailing list.
Step 3: Observation Committee: If the Media Committee is unable to address the violation to the memberโ€™s satisfaction, member(s) may reach the Foundationโ€™s Observation Committee which plays a role in dispute resolution between members.

Moderation of a live conversation:

Live conversation is a real time conversation on the Foundation's communication systems, when two peers are expressing their views and statements.
Board and its committee members(PMC: Project Management Committees) should moderate an ongoing live conversation.
Further, It is at the discretion of the Executive Board members to stop a live public conversation w.r.t subscibed membership activity.
About Channel Moderators/Ambassadors:
Generally, each public channel has a Moderator/Ambassador who politely flags any violation to Foundation's code of conduct. Each moderation follows an escalation, which you can read about in Code of Conduct.
Who are the Moderators? They can be Media Committee members, Media CWC members, or Steering and CWC members of other committees of the Foundation.
Further, read about "Sentient Bot", an AI driven anonymous communication system on our upcoming decentralised social network.
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